chan • teuses

:songstress; especially: a female concert singer.
noun Origin: French, feminine of chanteur, or singer, from the word chanter.
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The Heritage & Beauty of Choral Music

When you attend a Chanteuses performance, you become an integral part of a community-focused movement.

We sing to share our passionate appreciation of choral music and its ability to reflect the human experience with the beauty and power of ensemble singing. We bring members the possibility to grow as musicians, find personal satisfaction, and deepen community connections. Chanteuses aspires to magnify our mission through performance, commissioning, and collaboration.
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Tradition Meets Innovation

We draw from music by diverse composers and works for treble voices and endeavor to move and inspire audiences.

Our performances mix traditional and modern styles to take you on a journey through different era and genres, exploring a variety of music from spirituals and folk tunes to modern beats.

We connect you with poetry set to music from Emily Dickinson, William Butler Yeats, e.e. cummings, and more.

Come join us and be part of our musical journey blending the timeless and the contemporary.
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Audience & Member Reviews

“I knew I wanted to join Chanteuses as soon as I saw them perform! The skill of the musicians and the conductor coupled with the variety and beauty of the works they sang were so inspiring. I was thrilled to be accepted, and have found a warm and friendly group of seriously committed musicians. I look forward to joining my fellow singers in providing beautiful music to our community!”
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Amanda Johnson
“Chanteuses has truly been a lifeline for me. During Covid when we couldn’t sing or be together with anyone, I realized how much this group meant to me. Before, I think I took it for granted that singing with a choir would just somehow always be there. For a while, it wasn’t, and my soul was starving for choral music and singing with others. Now that we’re back, I have these overwhelming moments of gratitude—how incredible it is to come together with a group like this, to be so present in the music, and to realize I get to be a part of this. It is a true joy!”
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Ashley Hamrick
"Many thanks to William Zinn and Chanteuses for an excellent concert. There were great music choices performed by wonderful, well-balanced, lovely voices! The choir was masterfully conducted by Bill. We enjoyed it tremendously and look forward to the next one. You should attend a concert!”
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Barbetta Laurelle
"I loved your Music at Noon concert (at Westminster Presbyterian Church.) I tuned in to the live stream from New Jersey. You all sounded beautiful with a rich sound full of thrilling harmonies."
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Katie Hill
"It was a wonderful and delightful concert!"
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Carol Horner
"We saw Chanteuses perform today and the concert was marvelous. There were a few spine-tingling moments, a knockout piece with some fantastic percussion, and I'm not ashamed to admit I got chills during the last piece. It was a performance not to be missed."
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Courtney Anne
"It was a wonderful, lovely performance! Well done everyone. Wow!"
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Tina Harris

Upcoming Concerts with Chanteuses

Throughout the Sacramento region, Chanteuses has established a tradition of achieving memorable concerts. We present a Winter concert in December comprised of assorted pieces that evoke nostalgia and contemplation. Then, in the Spring, our ensemble shifts its focus to underrepresented compositions and premiere performances for treble voices.

Our Upcoming Concerts

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Earth and Sky

Carmichael Presbyterian Church
7:30 PM
5645 Marconi Ave, Carmichael, CA 95608
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Earth and Sky

St. Ignatius Loyola Catholic Church
2:00 PM
3235 Arden Wy, Sacramento, CA 95825
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Support Chanteuses & Invest in Sacramento

Our performances uplift audiences and support local charities. With your help, we can add new, diverse music to our repertoire and assist important, local causes in Sacramento.
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